M&N Groundworks, Civil Engineering

M&N Groundworks have been trading since 2004 and have grown steadily over that time despite the difficult environment particularly in the last 6 to 7 years. We offer a nationwide service.

One of M&Ns core principles is to work closely with the client/contractor and we believe this is crucial to a successful outcome. Value for money is another of our underpinning principles and we believe that the level of service provided by us versus cost, makes M&N a premiere Groundworks contractor.

M&N Groundworks is one of Ireland's market leaders in the Civil Engineering sector with a reputation for completing every job to the highest standards.

M&N specialise in all types of groundworks including site clearance and development, foundations, drainage systems, utility installations, roadways, etc.

We achieve the above by:

  • Only retaining the best construction professionals

  • Only employing the best tradesmen and plant operators

  • Training and continuously developing our workforce

  • Updating our plant regularly ensuring we run the most modern safest of machinery



" Following the works completed out on Victoria road, we just want to note the efforts from the Crew & M&N management working out on this element of works, it’s a great result after 4 weeks out on a busy live carriageway to be able to say that there were no real issues, hardly any complaints from neighbours and more importantly no service strikes which is a credit to the crew and their diligence with the amount of services they encountered along the way. It was always going to be a high risk element of work & we as managers can only do so much to mitigate the risk by getting surveys, traffic management plans & RAMS etc. put in place along the way, it’s down to Willie & his crew & the positive attitude they adopted throughout the few weeks that made it a successful element of work."

Rorie Considine BSc Hons, Dip.P.Mgt • Contracts Manager Greystones Harbour, Victoria Road Foul & Watermain Works

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